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    After Reese meets her newborn daughter Gabby she shows Bianca (Eden Riegel) her plans for a home she's building in France for Bianca. Reese discusses Gabrielle's birth with Zach (Thorsten Kaye) after Bianca goes to out Miranda (Haley Evans) to bed. Later when they're alone Reese gets down on one knee to propse to Bianca who accepts.
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    Tamara's first day as Reese Williams, an architect who fell in love with iconic soap offspring Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel). After a devastating tornato destroys parts of Pine Valley, Bianca gives birth to her daughter, Gabrielle, under harrowing circumstances. After her a brief period in the hospital Bianca is staying at her sister Kendall's (Alicia Menshew) home with brother-in-law Zach (Thorsten Kaye) while she lies in a coma. It is Halloween Eve as a knock comes at the door. Bianca goes to answer it finding a little girl wearing a pink puppy costume. After the little girl speaks French, Bianca realizes it's her eldest daughter, Miranda (Haley Evans). Also there is Reese Williams fresh off the plane from France. Bianca ushers both inside the house then introduces Reese to their daughter.