Why did they get married? Carly and Sonny wed so she wouldn’t have to testify against him. They also wed because deep down, they love each other, even though they seldom admit that to anyone, least of all themselves. It’s a bizarre pairing, but there’s no denying that it works!

Who or what might come between them? A resurrected Brenda or a returning Jason could easily break up this duo. However, the greatest threats to Sonny and Carly’s future happiness are Sonny and Carly themselves.

Family support: Sonny loves little Michael as if he were his own son. Bobbi’s not took een on Sonny, but she’s the first to admit that she hasn’t shown the best judgement in partners herself. Mike likes Carly. He knows, beyond a doubt, that Carly is the right woman for Sonny.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift: Ice picks and rock salt because if the Corinthoses make it to their 50th, the Cassadines will have succeeded in freezing Port Charles.