Fans of ex-General Hospital star Sarah Brown dislike her replacment Tamara Braun so much, producers are talking about drastic emergency surgery to remove Braun from the show, insiders reveal.

“Tamara has been a disappointment and fans can’t stand her,” a source on the ABC set reveals. “They’ve written nasty letters saying they’ll never accept her.”

“The response has been so negative that producers are considering replacing Tamara with someone else or writing out her character entirely.”

Brown, 26, who played Carly, left the soap by her own choice in April. Her fans threatened to quit watching GH.

Despite the protests, producers cast Braun, who is a look-alike except for her darker hair, in the role.

Sources say bigwigs had no choice because Carly was in a major plot involving her mobster husband Sonny, played by Maurice Benard.

“Unfortunately, although Tamara resmebles Sarah, she doesn’t have the same explosive acting ability,” an insider confides.

But now writers are pushing Carly and Sonny apart.

“The couple is getting a divorce, which would make it easy to get rid of Carly’s character altogether,” the insider says.

Her co-star Benard has publically insisted that, “It’ll work” with Braun, but the source says that privately, Benard “thinks Tamara is a nice person, but out of her league.”

“He really wants Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays lawyer Alexis on the show, to be his new leading lady.”

Meanwhile, Braun’s castmates feel sorry for her, the insider says.

“She bends over backward to be nice, but no one thinke she’ll last.”