General Hospital’s Carly and Jax are primed for breakout success: Tamara Braun and Ingo Rademacher have the kind of chemistry that you can’t create, can’t bottle, can’t force, can’t manufacture and certainly can’t convince people isn’t there. They intrigued me with one throwaway scene in the diner that was followed by four days of pretty decent Jax/Skye scenes (in New Orleans) and good Carly/Zander scenes (the kiss and aftermath), but it was that one scene between Jax and Carly that kept me coming back for more. And the impromptu dance between the two at the club sealed it and grabbed me hook, line and sinker. They simply have ”IT.” They don’t need to be sold — their very onscreen presence sells them beautifully. These two come alive, sparkle, shine and positively glow. Ingo looks like he is having an absolute ball and Tamara looks confident and is completely coming into her own. Together they are beautiful, delightful, easy and natural. They just work. They have it. They are it and that is why they are getting such tremendous support. Carly and Jax as played by these two actors are what TRUE supercouples are made of … that is, they are made by the fans who see that spark, see that something and simply want more.