Current Position

Nightclub Entrepreneur: What qualifies anyone to run a club? smiles Tamara Braun (Carly). “She has major desire and ambition and gets exactly what she wants when she puts her mind to it. I think Carly knows what’s in and if she doesn’t, she will certainly go search it out. Actually, right now, she’s meeting with contractors and designers, and she’d dealing with liquor licenses, meeting with the chef and stuff like that. Shes dealing with the creative side.”

Previous Experience

Co-Owner, Deception Cosmetics: “I think she’s p—d off that it was taken away from her, without her control. She did have the concepts; she did come up with the design and the new look and the whole shebang. She did pick Gia [as the spokesmodel], so she was right with all of that. If she had been able to stay, she would have been able to it stronger and better. What is it now? You don’t even see it anymore [laughs]!”

Nursing Student, General Hospital: “I don’t really think she would have made the best nurse. She’s got good bedside manners for people she cares about, but little patience for everybody else.”

Special Skills

She’s ambitious, driven, has a need to succeed… She also has a big mouth although that’s not necessarily a special skill, is it?”


Who could give her a good reference? Bobbie, maybe. She would probably say that Carly is a very determined and when she sets her mind to something she certainly goes after it with all she has. I think Bobbie would be vague [laughs]. I guess Laura could give her a reference, too. I don’t think Carly would want it, though!”