She may have a mob mentality on GH, but in real life, Tamara Braun is totally individual in her thinking…

Mac Or Cheese?:

“I thought they go together? Mac because I don’t eat dairy.

Sunrise or Sunset?:

“Sunset. I think it’s a time to reflect about your day and have some stillness. And it’s romantic.”

Beach or Pool?:

“I’m going to have to say beach because it’s more beautiful. But you get sand in those places where you don’t want sand [laughs]. So maybe pool!”

Tear-Jerker Or Laugh Riot?:

“Laugh riot. But I really do like a good tear-jerker.”

Mountain Climbing Or Mall Shopping?:

“Mountain climbing. I used to do it with my family, and it was fun.”

Surfing the ‘Net or Telephone Chat?:

“I don’t talk on the internet. I’ll [instant message] with somebody, but that’s different. I’d say telephone chat.

Summer Stock Or Summer Vacation?:

“I’d like summer vacation. I thin it would be nice to go away. I’ve only had one vacation as an adult. I went to Australia, and it was incredible.”

Surprise, Surprise Or Know It All?:

“Oh, I love surprises. Well, good surprises [laughs]. It has to be a good one.”

Clock Watcher Or Wait And See?:

“Unfortunately, I think I can be a clock watcher. I worry about being where I’m supposed to be, getting things done, age, the clock is ticking…. Gotta get things done.”

Cowboy Boots Or Jimmy Choo?:

“Jimmy Choo. I’ve never had a pair, but …. So, Jimmy Choo … unless you’re talking Frye cowboy boots.”

Walking In A Winter Wonderland Or Baking In A Tropical Paradise?”

“I’d rather walk in a tropical paradise … through a waterfall … at sunset [laughs].”

Romantic Fool Or Levelheaded Love?:

“Look {shows her palm], this is my love line. This is the romantic, that is the practical. See all the breaks in the romannce? So, my practical head gets in teh way of the romance. I really like romance, but as you can see, the hand…. But I also thought, ‘What if you wash your hands a lot? You get the wrinkles [laughs.’ I’m so in the middle. I love romance, but I also have to feel that things are taken care of to feel free enough to be romantic.”

Big Breakfast Or Just Coffee?:

“Big breakfast. Sunday breakfast.”

Day At The Spa Or Do It Yourself?:

“Day at the spa. Get a massage, maybe a srub. But don’t touch my toes. I don’t want a pedicure, and I don’t want a facial.”

Paint A Room Or Paint A Picture?:

“I’d like to paint a picture, but I can’t even paint a room.”