Nicole gets proof that Rafe was held prisoner in the DiMera basement this week, but her plan to confront EJ is sidelined when she spost her husband locking lips with Taylor!

“Nicole cannot believe that Taylor would go after someone that she loves so much,” says Arianne Zuker (Nicole).

This week begins with Nicole on the pier overhearing Vivian and Gus complaining that it’s impossible to figure out who the DiMera captive was. Frustrated, they drop the DNA results. After they leave, Nicole picks up the piece of paper. “Nicole has someone [analyze] the DNA results, and it turns out to be Rafe Hernandez who was held prisoner in the DiMera basement,” previews Zuker.

Nicole confides in Chloe her belief that EJ, with Stefano’s help, kept Rafe in the DiMera basement and messed with his mind. Chloe questions if EJ may have been responsible for Fay’s death. “Nicole doens’t think that’s possible,” asserts Zuker. “She knows that EJ is capable of doing terrible things, but he didn’t have anyting against Fay. Why would he harm her?”

Meanwhile, EJ assures Taylor (inset) that he plans on divorcing Nicole. Taylor is resistant because she doesn’t wan to hurt her sister. EJ insists that Nicole deserves to have the same happiness that he has found with Taylor. He’s convinced Nicole cna find that happiness with Brady. Taylor drops her defenses and kisses EJ, not realizing that htye are being observed by Nicole!

Although Nicole’s heart is breaking, Rafe’s DNA results put her in the power position. “It’s a double-edged sword,” cautions Zuker. “Nicole wants one thing, but she needs to get another.”

Will Nicole choose to keep EJ now that he has betrayed her trust?