The AMC gang has become ever more spread out since the show’s 2011 cancellation, but Minshew does keep in touch with several castmates. “I haven’t seen Eden [Riegel, ex-Bianca] in three years because when she came to New York to visit, I was out of town, and when I went to L.A., she was out of town!” she groans. “But we text and send each other pictures of our kids. I see Thorsten [Kaye]; we had a slumber party with his little girls a few months ago. Willow just loves her Uncle Toasty and blushes every time she sees him. I was seeing Tamara [Braun, exReese] quite a bit until she up and moved back to California and went back to DAYS OF OUR LIVES [as Ava]. I probably talk to her and Rebecca [Budig] the most. I talked to Rebecca a few days ago and last Easter, I got to meet her beyond-gorgeous child [Charlotte, 1]. It’s not even funny how pretty that baby is. Cameron [Mathison, ex-Ryan] and I reach out to each other when we can, and I recently got a text from Susan [Lucci, ex-Erica] saying, ‘Hi, thinking of you,’ which was so sweet. I miss her.”