Ava finally finds a way to get to Kayla when she sends her the video of Ava and Steve having sex. “Kayla’s reaction isn’t good,” previews Mary Beth Evans (Kayla). “It’s a horrible thing for her to experience. Steve and Kayla have already been at odds over Ava, so this really sends her over the edge.” When Steve arrives home, he can tell right away that something is troubling Kayla. She confronts Steve with the video and he is forced to come clean. “Kayla is usually a very secure person and very solid, but the foundation underneath Kayla is rocked by Ava,” says Evans. “She’s like an earthquake that continues to knock Kayla off her footing. This crazy woman has been bringing havoc into Kayla’s life for years.”

Ava puts herself in Kayla’s path again and insists that Steve wanted to be with her. “Ava knows how to pick at Kayla and create doubts. So, I think in some ways, Kayla does find herself wondering if Steve could possibly still have feelings for Ava,” states Evans. “There was a period when Steve wasn’t in her life and Ava was, so there is a history between them that has nothing to do with Kayla.” Ultimately, Kayla reaches her breaking point and physically attacks Ava. “It’s exactly what Ava wanted to have happen,” sighs Evans. Roman and JJ arrive and break it up.

Ava has one last trick up her sleeve, however, and makes her way into the Johnson home. “At this point, she’s completely lost it,” notes Tamara Braun (Ava). “She’s lost everything, all her hope and all her reason to be back and have a normal life — as normal a life as Ava can have — and she’s angry and wants Kayla to pay. So she goes to the house and makes it look like Kayla stabbed her with a hypodermic needle.”

Kayla comes home to find Ava unconscious and tries to revive her. The paramedics arrive and take Ava to the hospital. When she regains consciousness, Ava makes damning accusations against Kayla. By week’s end, things get even worse when Kayla and Steve find themselves in a dire situation that ropes in Joey. “It’s a full-on mess,” teases Evans, “and there is a lot at stake.”