When Joey sees Ava in hospital his memories of her emotional abuse overwhelm him and he smothers her. Then the murder cover-up begins

The action begins with Ava (Tamara Braun) sticking to her story that Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) tried to inject her with morphine. When Roman (Josh Taylor) questions Ava about the exact specii cs of how Kayla caught her off guard, Ava doesn’t miss a beat, quickly having an answer for each of his questions. Ava also isn’t thrilled that Kayla’s brother is leading the investigation and threatens to file a complaint, ensuring that someone else will be put on the case.

After Roman questions Ava, he meets with Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla and gives them a heads-up that Ava wants someone else on the case. Roman warns that it could be bad if Ava succeeds in having a new investigator appointed. He points out that a new investigator might believe Ava’s version of the events and not Kayla’s.

That night, Steve and Kayla return home. Kayla expresses worry that Ava could succeed in framing her. Steve tries to squelch her fears by noting that Ava has a well-earned reputation for being a liar. The day leaves Kayla exhausted and she prepares to retreat to her bedroom. She tells Steve he can stay the night but adds that he will have to sleep on the sofa.

Joey (James Lastovic) returns home and is surprised to see his dad on the sofa, while his mum is upstairs sleeping. Steve updates his son on Ava’s latest stunt. The news sends Joey reeling. He begins to think of every horrible thing that Ava has done to his parents and how she deliberately led him on, using him as another means to Steve and Kayla.

While Kayla and Steve are sleeping, Joey slips out of the house. He heads for the hospital and quietly makes his way into Ava’s room. Joey is overcome by the sight of Ava, and he i nds himself mentally reliving her taunting dismissal of him. Without thinking, Joey reaches for a pillow and places it over Ava’s face.

Unknown to Joey, Steve has followed him to the hospital. He quickly pulls his son away from Ava, but it is too late. It’s clear to Steve that Ava is dead. Desperate to protect Joey, a quick-thinking Steve jumps into action. He instructs Joey to return home and not say a word to anyone about what has transpired in Ava’s hospital room. A shaken Joey follows his dad’s instructions to the letter. After Joey departs, Steve takes the blame for Ava’s murder.

When Joey returns home, Kayla can see that something has seriously rattled her son. They end up at the hospital, where both are stunned to hear that Steve has confessed to killing Ava. Steve manages to pull Joey aside and insists that he must keep quiet about what really happened. As Roman charges Steve with murder, Kayla and Joey watch in shock.

While is being questioned at the police station, a guilt-ridden Joey makes an unexpected admission to his mum. Meanwhile, Steve racks his brain thinking of a way to get himself off the hook without incriminating Joey.