Emmy winner Tamara Braun — who played Carly after Sarah Brown and before Laura Wright — is back in action on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

The In Depth Story: Braun debuted last week as Kim Nero when Oscar and his oft mentioned-but-never-before-seen mom spent Thanksgiving with his girlfriend, Josslyn, and the Corinthos family.

Aside from a 2014 cameo with several of the past Carlys, it’s been more than a decade since the actress appeared on GH. Yet the impression that she made was a lasting one. “Over the years,” she relates, “every time I saw [executive producer] Frank Valentini, he said, ‘I want to work with you’”.

Earlier this fall, the stars finally aligned, and Braun took a fateful meeting at her former stomping ground. “Was there hesitation? Sure,” she admits. But “I was curious. It was an intriguing role and seemed like it might be a good fi t, so I thought this was the right time” to return to the ABC soap.

Besides her 2001-’05 GH run, Braun played both DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ batty Ava and sweet Taylor, and ALL MY CHILDREN’s Reese, the lesbian whose marriage to Bianca was daytime’s first legal same-sex union.