Two Good Men

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Julian and Drew have distinct ways of approaching things… as do their portrayers, William deVry and Billy Miller, respectively. “From the rehearsal to when we go, it’s completely different,” Tamara Braun (Kim) shares of working with her leading men. “Billy’s a goofball during the rehearsal. It’s never serious whatsoever… and then as soon as we’re [taping], it’s like, bam! He’s there. So that’s cool to see. And it keeps you on your toes, in terms of being in the moment and responding.” In contrast, while Braun and deVry also enjoy laughing together, they put more focus on the prep. They’ve been known to run lines over the phone the night before and then work together at the studio. “We both like to rehearse, so that’s nice,” Braun shares. “We’ve done that downstairs in the green room or a dressing room, and then we take it upstairs to shoot it and see what happens.” Two different methods… but both generate great chemistry!