Brace yourself for a month of shocking twists!

After several months spent carefully aligning all the players on the canvas, GENERAL HOSPITAL headwriters Shelly Altman and Chris Van Etten are ready to yank the rug out from under all of your favorite characters. We sat down with the scribes for an exclusive look at how lives will be changed over the next four weeks!

It’s A Whole New Sam!
Just because Sam and Drew are divorcing, don’t assume that she’ll immediately go running back into Jason’s arms! In fact, says Van Etten, “getting divorced and clearing her head might free Sam to connect with Drew in a completely different way.”

For now, Sam won’t be focusing on romance. “She needs to be her own person,” says Altman. “She’s really redefi ning herself and trying to fi gure out what she wants in life, not just who she wants to be with.”

As for Drew, he is beginning to realize that the key to his future might be found in the past. “He is determined to retrieve his memories and fi gure out who he was,” previews Altman. “And that desire leads him to make a potentially very dangerous decision.”

Things Are Going To Get Complicated!
If Drew really is going to try and reclaim not only his memories but the life he left behind, he might want to move quickly. After all, Kim — with whom he shares a past and a child — is getting closer every day to Julian. This despite her own lingering feelings for Drew, and Julian’s for Alexis… who is growing closer to Finn who is obviously crazy about Anna! “These six adults are navigating tricky waters,” laughs Van Etten.

“Who will ultimately wind up swimming toward whom remains to be seen! Could things go from casual to more serious between some of these pairings and not others? Absolutely. Could that get incredibly messy? Definitely. There will be many permutations where this particular group is concerned!”

Will Sonny Soon Lose His Father?
Even as Carly is caught in Nelle’s wicked web (see News, page 2, for complete details), Sonny is racing against time on two fronts. “Sadly, Mike’s is a condition which does not improve,” laments Altman. “But in his lucid moments, Mike continues to say things that are intriguing to Sonny and make him question events from the past.” As the much-discussed field in Croton becomes a bigger problem for Sonny, look for Jason to be there when his pal needs him most!

Tick… Tick… Boom!
All roads seem to be leading to Henrik, and the scribes warn that, given how many people are involved at this point, all you-know-what will break loose if (or should we say, this being a soap, when) Peter’s identity is exposed! “As the walls close in on Peter, they are also closing in on Valentin,” previews Altman. “And when threatened, Valentin has a tendency to take some pretty dramatic actions! So Robert and Anna had best watch their backs!”

Lulu’s determined to uncover the truth, but at what price? “In her mind,” says Van Etten, “she is doing something very important and something she believes can actually help the police. She plans to do things a little differently this time, not plunge in head first. But this could be leading her down a path that has a negative impact on her marriage!” Meanwhile, Maxie continues growing closer to Peter, never suspecting his true connection to her dead husband and unborn child “The potential is there for Maxie to have her entire world blown apart,” signs Altman. On the plus side, so devastating a blow could mean Maxie windes up needing her estranged best friend more than ever!

Wedding Bells For Liz?
“Franco and Elizabeth had an interrupted wedding last time,” reminds Altman, “so they need to get back on that path. But in dealing with his past, Franco has a different perspective on how he will enter into the future.”

In Other News…
“The cause of Finn’s avoidance of family connections in general and Chase in particular will unfold,” says Van Etten. When asked if it’s time for Chase to get a love interest, the scribe would only tease that the hunky cop “has his own story, which we will be learning in the not-too-distant future” before adding, “I think you’ll be surprised! * Curtis is ready to make a “giant leap forward” with Jordan, says Altman, adding that he “makes a surprising plan to do so.” This despite a certain Stella-shaped stumbling block in their path! “She was sort of relieved — after hearing that Curtis and Jordan had discussed marriage — to learn that they weren’t moving in that direction. “Something tells us thei pair shouldn’t expect a great gift from Aunt Stella if and when they become engaged!

Here Comes The Nurse’s Ball

Port Charles’social event of the season is almost upon us, and it promises to be a night you won’t want to miss. “There will be music, dancing, singing… and big emotional fi reworks!” promises Altman. “The Nurses Ball is on one track, while several very big plot points are on another. And I can guarantee that they will collide!” Look for special guest Nick Viall (formerly THE BACHELOR) to host the red carpet when things get underway beginning on Tuesday, May 16!