What’s it really like to punch the clock in Port Charles? To find out, we asked Tamara Braun, who came back to GENERAL HOSPITAL to play Kim more than a decade after wrapping her run as Carly. Always happy to pull back the curtain for fans, the Emmy winner took a break from the mayhem to oblige us with a glimpse into her life on the set!

My favorite days at work are the ones when I get to:
My very first day on the set, I remember thinking to myself: “I’ve been here before.”

When I get to work, the first thing I do is:
“Drop my stuff in my dressing room and then go into hair and makeup.”

My most embarrassing moment on the set would have to be the time:
“I don’t remember… and if I did and was really embarrassed, I probably wouldn’t tell you!” (Laughs.)

One thing fans would likely be surprised to know about the GH set is that:
“The nurses’ hub is the only set that is always up. All the others go up and down, depending on if they are being used.”

When I’m waiting to get called to the set to do my scenes, you can usually find me:
“In my room running lines, in hair and makeup or in the green room getting mint or ginger tea.”

On my lunch break, you might find me:
“At the commissary or eating in my [dressing] room.”

The last thing I do before leaving work is:
“Drop off my wardrobe.”