Garren Stitt, who wrapped up his two-year stint as Oscar with the character’s emotional demise from a cancerous brain tumor, says that he is gratified by the audience’s response to his one-screen goodbye. “Man, everybody is just so upset and all the fans are loving it. I’ve been receiveing a lot of messages from people online who are watching the show and can relate to the storyline, saying how they have lost someone or have a loved one who is going through it right now, and I just have so much sympathy for everyone, and they’re in my prayers, really.”

The actor was pleased with the send-off Oscar received. “I had a really good time shooting it. I think the episode was one of my favorites, if not my favorite episode I’ve ever done. Everything from the camerawork to the editing, to every actor and actress that was in the episode, just killed it and nailed it and I’m just grateful to have been part of it. It was challenging to shoot because we shot parts of maybe four different episodes in one or two days, but it was such a great experience.”

As he reflects on his time on GH, Stitt muses, “Leaving the show, I can definitely say that I am leaving a better actor. GENERAL HOSPITAL, has definitely taught me a lot more structure and about how to work under pressure — so much pressure! Killing so may scenes and killing so many pages in a short amount of time, I really learned a lot.”

Stitt is touched by how many fans were sad to see Oscar go. “I feel like the statement was huge. Oscare definitely left his mark on the show,” he beams. “I really just want to say thank you to the fans. Thank you for supporting me through tthis whole journey. You guys have watched me grow so much. I didn’t know Oscar was going to be diagnosed with this type of cancer, so we went through it together. And I really am so grateful to all of you for taking the journey with me and being so supportive.”

As for what he will miss about working at the show, Stitt can sum it up in one word: “Tamara [Braun, Kim},” he declares. “I love her to death.”