with Tamara Braun (Kim, GH)

Kim is struggling to cope with the tragic loss of her son. What was it like for you, actor to actor, to play out the end of that storyline with Garren Stitt (ex-Oscar)?
“Well, at the very end of the storyline, he was playing dead, so what it was like for me, just doing it … It really broke my heart, to be honest, because I love Garren so much as a person and really, really adored the relationship between Kim and Oscar. I thought it was important, I thought it was nice, and you don’t see a lot of that kind of relationship between a parent and child. They were each other’s everything, for better or worse. As Kim had said, ‘It’s us against the world.’ I think they had created a really nice bond that you see more with mother and daughter, or father and son, on TV. You don’t see it as much with a mother and son. I really enjoyed that, and I think it’s sad that it won’t be anymore. But actually playing the scenes, it was just a few days of absolute heartbreak. And they were long days, like 14- or 15-hour days.”

What did you think when you watched the episode where he died?
“Oh, I just thought it was done so well, with Lila and Edward. It was really beautiful. It’s such a sad story and no one wants to see a kid die, but it creates good material. And I think they’ve handled it well.”

How was your short time in the Quartermaine Mansion?
“I love, love, love being able to work with the Quartermaines! This time around, as Kim, I’ve worked with more people than I ever did before [during her time as Carly] because those stories were focused more on smaller groups of people. It’s fun to get to interact with more people in Port Charles and I absolutely adore working with Leslie Charleson [Monica]! She is amazing. During those scenes, we would just look in each other’s eyes and feel that heartbreak. But when we are not having to do something so heavy, she is making me laugh my ass off constantly.”

Was it hard for you to know your working relationship with Garren was coming to an end?
“Yes, because I absolutely love Garren as a person. I adore him. I feel really blessed that I got to work with him. I cherish the time that we had together and I hope that he goes on to do wonderful things and he’s happy, and I will truly miss him. I will truly miss having the opportunity to see him at work and play his mother and have that interaction and to watch him grow. But I do look forward to seeing what he does outside of GH.”