Reeling from the death of Oscar and desperate for another kid, Kim initiates a smooch with Drew.

Notes Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman, “The loss has certainly brought them closer. They shared a unique experience that neither of them can possibly share with another human being, so they have that in common. And they do care about one another.”

The writer points out that Kim has long nursed dormant feelings for her amnesiac ex. “Going back to the beginning of her relationship with Julian, she frankly admitted then that she still had feelings for the Drew she once knew, and that became embodied in the Drew she knows now. She has a memory of feelings that Drew doesn’t have, so she does hold that with her.”

But it is more than ancient history that is pushing her in Drew’s direction: She wants a baby, and Julian turned her down when she asked him to make one with her. “The loss of Oscar has affected Kim very, very profoundly and she is having difficulty coping with it on a day-today basis,” Altman says. “Oscar filled her life for 16 years. She made him her life; she did not have a romance until Julian. He was her reason for being. So his absence has created such a hole in her heart and in her soul, and she isn’t necessarily being rational, but what she is thinking is that she needs to fill that hole. She could never replace Oscar, but she needs a child to live.”

Drew accepts her invitation to come over for dinner, “but Kim has more in mind than an entrée,” Altman continues. Cameron stops by and the trio discusses how much they miss Oscar. When he leaves, Drew makes a comment that leads Kim to believe that he may be thinking what she’s thinking (that they should conceive another child). The scribe explains, “He is talking in a far more general sense, but Kim takes it literally.” As the dinner date continues, “They are reminded of the mixtape that Drew made for Kim, and what inspires her is his memory of the music. Again, she isn’t thinking rationally, but she’s thinking that he must feel this loss as much as she does, and that the only way to really fill the void is by essentially creating a new life with the same genes as Oscar. She isn’t thinking far enough ahead to, ‘How is he going to respond?’ But she has set the stage for a nice evening, an evening where they can really bond, and she is simply expecting one thing to lead to another.”

But Drew is not at all expecting what comes next. “Kim kissing him comes out of the music,” Altman shares. “We don’t yet know how he will respond, but the two of them are engaged in a kiss as the evening continues.”