I lost my son when he was 28. It marks your soul and you will never be the same. For some reason, GH’s Oscar got to me. He was such an awkward dork at first, but quickly I perceived him as handsome and sweet. I kept begging in my heart, “Don’t let him die!” I cried so hard when he died, and I cry when I see Joss cry and grieve. Laura Wright’s character, Carly, grieves for him, and really has shown so much wisdom and gentleness with her daughter, but that makes me cry, too. When Kim cries, when Drew gets tears in his eyes, I start to tear up also. This feels like the death of my own family member, almost like losing my son except I don’t cry when GH isn’t on. Well, except for right now. Kim’s grief is real. She does such a beautiful job of showing us what a mother goes through. I won’t criticize Carly and Sonny for the grief they showed over Morgan’s death, other than it made me uncomfortable when they kept saying their “baby boy”. He was a grown man. When my son died, I remembered so many adorable things he did as a baby and toddler, and as my firstborn, he showed me how to be a mom. But I knew he was a man and I craved hearing anyone mention his name or share memories. It’s been 11 years and I still grieve for my son. Seeing the grief over Oscar’s death is sort of cathartic for me and I think the writers and the actors hit a home run.

Bobbi H., Mary Esther, FL

(Editor’s Note: Bobbi, we are so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story.)