Too Close For Comfort 2009

“I don’t know you at all,” Bianca told fi ancée Reese. Erica’s daughter had just been hospitalized after a car accident. But the greatest pain she was feeling originated from the sight of the woman she loved in the arms of brother-in-law Zach, who’d served as their sperm donor when they’d expanded their family. Bianca had become suspicious of her nearest and dearest’s affectionate relationship ever since learning that not only was she her would-be wife’s fi rst lesbian relationship, but Reese had also once been engaged to a man. So Bianca had set up a test. She told the two of them that she was off to Connecticut to look at wedding venues, and gave Reese the option of joining her. Reese chose to stay behind in Pine Valley to attend business meetings with Zach. “I had to know,” Bianca said. Reese was right to suggest that Erica had put the idea that something was going on between her and Zach in Bianca’s head. In fact, “I didn’t want to believe her,” Binks admitted. That was why she’d turned around and come back to Pine Valley, only to get an eyeful. “I saw you… in each other’s arms, standing so close, so intimate,” she said, her voice a mixture of hurt and pain. “I saw it. So what? You’re in love?” Bianca had totally misunderstood what she’d seen, Reese and Zach assured her. Or tried to assure her. Unfortunately, Bianca’s mind appeared to be made up. “I cannot spend the rest of my life being judged and tested by you,” Reese decided. “I know that I can’t trust you,” Bianca replied, “and it kills me.” The couple eventually reconciled and even tied the knot, but it turned out there had been more to Reese and Zach’s embrace than mere fondness. Time and time again, they found themselves drawn to one another — and not as friends. When the blindfold was pulled away from Bianca’s eyes, she annulled her marriage and returned, ironically, to the city where her romance with Reese had fi rst begun: Paris.