GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Kim reached a surprising low when she drugged Drew in a desperate attempt to seduce him and make another baby. But was that low enough for the grieving mother to let go of her baby fixation?

The In Depth Story: There was a time when Kim would have laughed at the notion that she’d ever drug someone — let alone try to get pregnant without the guy’s consent! But Oscar’s mother has been having a tough time adjusting to life without him. “Back when Kim found out she was pregnant, everything became about her life with Oscar and becoming a doctor and working mom,” portrayer Tamara Braun contends.

Ever since her character’s son passed away, Kim’s been devastated by waves of heartbreak. “There’s this coming in and coming out of being lost in the grief and what it’s doing mentally to her,” Braun notes. “And then coming back to reality when she hears people making logical, rational arguments or just share the truth of what is going on here.”

After Julian caught Kim leaning over her drugged babydaddy, she was finally able to see how far from reality she’d slipped. She even acknowledged as much to Drew when she apologized and told him she’d started therapy. Thankfully, while Kim’s actions could easily have landed her in prison or cost the M.D. her medical license, Drew was able to empathize. “For the last year and a half of Oscar’s life, Drew and Kim did a great job of co-parenting, and in that, they learned to depend on one another,” Braun notes. “It’s not romantic, but they are connected by their love for Oscar.”

Though their son is gone, Kim’s not actually as alone as she feels. In addition to Drew, she has Elizabeth’s family and the Quartermaines in her corner. And of course, she has Charlie, who’s shown up for her time and again — even when she didn’t want him to! “Like at the door, when Kim fi rst went home” after Oscar died, Braun points out. “She said, ‘I thought I said I need to do this alone.’ And he just said, ‘You did.’ Julian knew what she needed. That was beautiful.”

And Julian has done it yet again in saving Kim (and Drew!) from herself. But, as the grieving mother experienced at the reading of Oscar’s will, those waves of grief won’t stop crashing just because Kim’s taken Julian’s advice and started seeing Kevin for therapy sessions. Kim’s still got a long, heartbreaking road ahead of her, and she may not be able to give up this irrational fantasy that having another baby will make it all better. “And if she wants that, she’s got to do it now,” Braun notes. “She doesn’t have a lot of time for this. She’s not 25 years old! But she is an OB/ GYN. This isn’t just some teacher or businesswoman… so there are a lot of ways” for her to make her baby dream a reality!