Billy Miller, who made his first GH appearance on October 1, 2014, has wrapped up filming at the show; his final tape date was reportedly July 26.

After months of rumors, the three-time Emmywinning actor confirmed his departure on July 28 with a video message released on the Twitter account of his manager, Marnie Sparer. The entry says: “Officially. Billy. Miller.” The video features a heartfelt letter he penned to fans. It reads: “Hello friends, With a slight air of sadness, it is time to ponder what ‘Goodbye’ means. However, instead of dwelling on what is gone and sure to be missed, there is another way. Maybe our goodbye is really a remembrance of love felt, an appreciation for lives shared, and the lifelong reminisces that come from embraces given and received. Maybe our goodbye is an earnest hope for the brightest path forward for us all. Maybe our goodbye is honoring growth and lessons learned. Now, instead of sadness, I am filled with gratitude for all your support, encouragement, and every emotion shared. I cherish the journey we have taken together. Thank you for allowing me into your homes and lives. With every ounce of myself, I thank you for being you. I would be remiss in this crazy, unpredictable world we all love so much if I did not hold out the possibility that maybe our GOODBYE is really….. UNTIL NEXT TIME. All My Love.”

Miller first hit the soap scene in 2007, playing doomed ALL MY CHILDREN baddie Richie Novak for a year. When that gig came to an end, he was snapped up to play Y&R’s Billy Abbott. His Genoa City run, which lasted from 200814, earned the actor his trio of Daytime Emmys and a strong fan base. Not long after his Y&R exit, the star hopped to GH, originally to play the recast role of Jason, whose previous portrayer, Steve Burton, had quit in 2012. In a rare interview, Miller told Digest, “It’s certainly some big boots and a big black T-shirt to fill.” He compared taking over as Jason to his experience coming on to Y&R as a recast, saying, “My thought then was the same as it is now — respect the job offer, respect the role, respect the man who was there before, then go work as hard as I can so that I’ll be deserving of playing the character and of serving the show.”

In 2017, Burton returned to GH and reclaimed the role of Jason, while Miller’s character was reimagined as Drew Cain, Jason’s twin, who had come to possess Jason’s memories. At a Digest-moderated fan appearance with costar Kelly Monaco (Sam) in 2018, he dismissed the notion that the twist created tension with Burton, saying, “Steve Burton is not Jason Morgan, I’m not Jason Morgan.” He added that he was excited to take on the challenge of creating Drew, remarking, “I kind of like to see flaws in people and I think when Steve and I are together and playing off each other it might be very interesting because it’s not a guarantee if either of us would win in a fight.” He also confirmed that he had renewed his contract the previous year, saying, “I did decide to stay because I got input into the character…. I’d really love to see what they write for his backstory, what his memories might be. I’m sure he’s seen some stuff that is going to be fun to play.” Tamara Braun, who joined GH in 2017 as Kim, the mother of Drew’s first born, the late Oscar, says that the highlight of her time working with Miller was “doing the days leading up to Oscar’s death, and when he died, I would say those are the highlights. We trusted each other in those moments as actors just to be totally open and raw and to lean on each other as parents would, and as actors in the best circumstances do. I hope that he is happy in whatever is next on this journey for him and that he is fulfilled as an artist.”

ABC had no comment on Miller’s status with the show, and his final air date has not been released.