This week on GENERAL HOSPITAL, the future seems uncertain for several Port Charles locals. As Kim and Julian discuss leaving town, Alexis and Neil dance around their obvious chemistry!

The In Depth Story: Let’s start with Kim and Julian, shall we? The mourning mother has decided the best way to move on is to move away from everything that reminds her of Oscar. And in a surprising turn, Julian offered to run off with her! But is that really such a surprise?

When Kim met Julian, he was reeling from the insanity brought on by his sister, Liv, and was focused on becoming an upstanding citizen. “Kim was essential to Julian’s healing,” portrayer William deVry contends.

And now, it’s his turn to be there for Kim, who never expected to fall for this Charlie guy when she walked into his pub. “She had her walls up,” reminds portrayer Tamara Braun. “She’d dated here and there, but Oscar was the man in her life. She made him the priority, and love took a back seat.”

Luckily for Kim, Julian broke through her walls and has become her life raft since Oscar’s passing. But having come so far with his own family, is the reformed Mob boss really ready to leave behind Port Charles and those he loves? Or might the threat that Shiloh still presents to everyone around Wiley give Julian reason to stick around and help them deal with the cult leader?

slit her throat. After a deep dive into her past relationship mistakes, Alexis recently put herself out there to move on with Neil. Her shrink, however, has walls of steel built up around him. Sharing space with his patient in an elevator during the blackout led him to also share some highly personal information about his past… and then remove himself as her therapist. Now that the two have acknowledged their obvious attraction, will Dr. Byrne take Alexis’ advice and allow someone else to take care of him for a change?

With so much up in the air for Kim, Julian, Alexis and Neil, one thing’s certain: By the time this week is up, life may look a whole lot different in Port Charles! Meanwhile, Julian’s ex wife, Alexis, has finally learned how to co-exist with the man who nearly