Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) was thrilled to welcome Tamara Braun back to DAYS as Ava. “I personally love Tamara. I think she’s amazing,” raves Evans. “I love when she comes because she’s so talented and she brings so much, and it always makes our stuff better, so I was so excited that she was coming back. And I go overboard to tell her so because I think she’s awesome.” Evans says she is aware that some fans worry that Ava could cause problems for Steve and Kayla. “People may get upset about stories with Patch and Kayla or things that divide them, but it’s because we need more vehicles to bring them back together,” she points out. “I always think it’s a good thing because we need our conflict and we need our drama, and I would rather do love and family stories than chasing down someone in a different country. I’d rather be emotional and play family connections. Plus, true love prevails, that’s the bottom line. It has for 35 years, so I imagine we will keep on trucking like that.”