Katrina asks… First and foremost, love your work! I think you are doing a phenomenal job. I was wondering, did you always know you wanted to be an actress or was this something that just happened out of the blue?

Tamara Braun: I always knew, but didn’t have the confidence to drive to pursue it until i was a young adult.

Jackie asks…I know Carly does not exactly get along with many people on the show…including Alexis, Skye, and Faith, among others. Outside of work, are you at all friends with your “enemies” from the show?

Braun: I work with an amazing group of people! The GH cast is phenomenal, and yes I get along with all of them!

Joanne asks…How is it possible to stay focused on the job at hand when you’re making out with some very hot men!?

Braun: Cold Showers!

Sandi asks… What do you like to do when you’re not on the set of GH?

Braun: Go to films, hang with friends, and get a massage at Burke Williams!

Desirae asks… I’m 11 years old and I live in Connecticut. I watch General Hospital everyday as long as I don’t have lots of homework. I love how you play the part of Carly Corinthos. The question I have is, are you ever going to be in Connecticut so I can get yours autograph?

Braun: I am glad to hear to hear that you watch only when your homework is complete- school is very important. I hope to be in Connecticut so i can give you that autograph. I’ll work on that!

Karin asks… Are there any characteristics that you and Carly have in common?

Braun: Where share the same body and voice!

Shannon asks…Who’s your best friend on the set?

Braun: Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney) and I get along very well. She is a good friend on and off the show.

Theresa asks…Do you enjoy doing the fight scene between Carly and Faith? They are fun to watch!

Braun: I like Carly and Faith fight scenes because Faith is so evil.

Sue asks… Is Maurice as sexy in person as he is on TV? I know it’s a silly question, but he is so gorgeous and we fans are simply jealous that you get to stare at him in person and we just get to look at him through a screen!

Braun: Yes, he is!

Denise asks…Is it uncomfortable doing love scenes? I would think it is with all the cameras and people watching?

Braun: It can be. But Maurice and I just goof around. We have a wonderful mutual trust and respect. And that always makes things easier.

Meredith asks…Are there any actors on GH that you would like to work with that you haven’t? Or actors that you would like more scenes with?

Braun: Tony Geary and Jackie Zeman.

Donnie asks…Do you think that Carly and Jason might ever be together again?

Braun: No. They are much better as friends. I love the Jason/Carly relationship.

Stephanie asks…Are you as feisty as your character, Carly?

Braun: At times, yes.

Becke asks…Those scenes on the island with the bubble gun and lobster where so much fun. Were they as much fun to act as they were to watch? Did you do any ad-libbing?

Braun: Absolutely! I had a blast that day!

Gary asks…Area you really as bad a cook as your character [who has been depicted as being[?

Braun: I can cook much better than Carly! I just don’t do it that often!

Melanie asks…Do you want Carly’s father to ever be revealed or would you rather he remains a mystery?

Braun: I think it would be great to have that reveled. It would add another layer to her, and it would give the audience a change to see Carly deal with something pretty intense and impactful.

Elene asks…Carly can be really bad, but she can also be quite sweet. Do you have more fun playing Carly when she’s up to one of her schemes?

Braun: If the scheme is a good one, a fun one that I like, I enjoy that a lot. Sweet can be broing if its all someone is. But I get to best of both works.

Sarah asks. I was a huge supporter of the Zander and Carly pairing. How do you like to work along side Chad Brannon and where you disappointed that they never gave Zander and Carly a change? (By the way I love your work).

Braun: I loved working with Chad. He is a wonderful actor, and we had a goodtime together. Ultimately I think Zander was too young for Carly.

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