Bianca and Reese’s stalled relationship finally sees some motion this week — motion that will send Binks into a new direction.

“We will see the final showdown about whether this marriage can survive,” previews co-head writer David Kreizman. “And coming out of that, we’re going to head Bianca into a different place, where she can get her own story, in a way that we haven’t been able to do over the last few months. She’s going to take a much more prominent role this year.”

The dissolution of the only gay marriage on the network soaps will happen largely offcamera, as Tamara Braun (Reese) is “not coming back, unfortunately,” Kreizman affirms. “But we’ll still have a big payoff, even though we can’t bring Reese back. Most of it will happen offscreen, but we’re going to be using other characters as proxies, so it doesn’t happen with one-way phone calls. We’ll involve Bianca’s family and friends.”

Co-head writer Donna Swajeski is even more forthright about what’s on Bianca’s plate: “Bianca and Reese are finally going to file for divorce. it’s not an easy decision, because this is a gay marraige, and Bianca feels that thery’re almost helt to a higher standard. She feels all the eyes of the world are looking at her.”

Marissa will sign on as Bianca’s divorce attorney, “and they are going to get very close via working together,” promises Swajeski, noting that “Bianca was very close with Babe, and Marissa is Babe’s sister. There’s a nice connection there, and they will be part of the JR story. But Bianca will struggle with the idea of divorce and fighting for her kids.” Bianca’s very fair person, Swajeski adds, and hasn’t been one “to jump up and fight dirty” as of yet.

But will this divorce give Binks a clean slate and a shot at a new relationship? “Yes!” Swajeski teases. “She is going to have a relationship story by May, definitely. It’s really a great story, [with] a new actress in a role conncted to Bianca’s past.”