The end of her relationship with Reese is drawing near, but don’t fret about ALL MY CHILDREN’S Bianca being lonely for long: The girl’s got a new love on the horizon — and it just might be a character you already know!

The In Depth Story: Yes, yes, fans will mourn the loss of daytime’s first official lesbian marrieds, Bianca and Resse, but since Tamara Braun couldn’t be convinced to reprise her role of Bink’s wife, the writers are hoping viewers will accept the divorce route — especially becasue co-headwriter Donna Swajeski says Bianca’s new romantic life is going to tie into her past! “It’s really a great story that will establish [portrayer Christina Bennet Lind] in this role,” she teases of what’s to come, adding that Binks’ decision to finally cut ties with her spouse is excruciatingly difficult. “It’s not an easy decision, because it’s a gay marriage, and they’re almost held to a higher standard, she feels.”

But when enough becomes enough, Bianca takes the first step toward fixing her life by hiring Marissa as her divorce attorney (see where this is going?)! “They’re going to become very close working together,” Swajeski reveals. And though the scribe wouldn’t divulge whether or not JR’s ex will be the new woman in Binks’ life or if a new character is on the way, the story between the women will culminate in a can’t-be-missed friendship for fans of Erica’s daughter. “Bianca was close to Babe, and this is Babe’s sister,” Swajeski reminds. “And there’s a really nice connecting there.”