Nicole follows up on her theory that EJ had something to do with Rafe’s accident and personality change, but winds up discovering a whole lot more about her husband than she expected.

“Nicole is good at finding information on people,” points out Arianne Zuker (Nicole). To that end, she’s in the right place at the right time on the pier and overhears Vivian and Gus discussing who was being held in the DiMera basement. “She calls someone she can rely on and is able to get the report back that Rage was in the basement,” previews Zucker. “So now this person she’s fallen in love with again ahs become this creature. This is where she starts piecing it together and believes there was no accident: They’re brainwashing Rafe.”

Nicole confides in Chloe about her theory and realizes that Fay figured it out, too. “Determined to learn the truth, Nicole heads home, where she finds EJ and Taylor locked in a passionate embrace. “The door to the living room is sort of open and there they are, ahving their moment,” sighs Zuker. “It’s shock and an ‘I knew it’ kind of eeling. There’s anger, disappointment, embarrassment and frustration. And the betrayal from both of them, of course,”

Rather than confront them, Nicole decides to keep the information to herself so she can collect her thoughts. “It’s a whirlwind after everything she’s finding out,” explains the actress. “Not only is there this whole situation with Rafe, but EJ’s having an affair behind her back— with her perfect sister? How did this happen so fast? She knew something was going on at the wedding, but she didn’t want to believe it. And now she can’t believe he continued to stay married to her and allowed her to feel what she did for thm.”

A reeling Nicole realizes she has the power over her husband and decides to use it to her advantage. “She wants them to pay,” declares Zuker. “She’s going to make the two of them suffer a little bit for making her feel this way. She wants them to tell her what they’ve done. Nicole isn’t going to win him over. She’s so hurt that this happened to her. She’ll never trust anyone again. She feels that hole in her heart again. This takes away from everything she wanted in her life.”