Tamara Braun (ex-Carly) draws rave reviews!

In the daytime-television world, Tamara Braun is batting a thousand! Whether it was in her breakthrough role of Carly on GENERAL HOSPITAL, her landmark portrayal of Reese on ALL MY CHILDREN or her Emmy-winning gig as Ava on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, she has hit a grand slam each time she’s been up to bat. Now, she has taken her considerable talent to a theatrical stage in Tennessee In The Summer, where sh is once again wowing critics and audiences alike.

Tennessee In The Summer tells the tale of writer Tennessee Williams and his sexual exploits, unbridled use of alcohol and drugs, and his growing fear that he is spiraling downward into madness. “I read the script and thought there was no way I could say no,” Braun says. “Jungian psychology would sy that [my character is] the anima, the female side to Tennessee’s male presence. I am that voice in his head — the critic, the one who judges.”

With Braun simultaneously playing the angel and the devil on Williams’ shoulders, his tragic struggle with addictions and self-loathing comes into clear and painful focus. “I would say the words, and my body would do things,” she shares. “There’s something in this part that’s very much in tune with me.”

Home, Sweet Home
Although Braun is keeping busy with projects outside of daytime, the genre will always hold a special place in her heart. “The cast and crew do become like family,” she notes. “Just like growing up, you don’t always live with your family and see them every day, but you love them, and they’re always part of your heart and life’s journey. They shape who you become. I love my TV families and am grateful for the homes they gave me in which to learn and grow. They always had an open door and a place for me to ‘come home to.’”

It’s been seven years since Braun was on GH, but persistent fans are keeping up hope she’ll pull a Sarah Joy Brown (ex-Carly/ex-Claudia) and return as another character. “It’s very, very kind,” she smiles. “I do miss the more frequent fan interaction you get while being on the shows. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again, daytime fans are the most loyal and committed, and I still feel that today, so much so that they asked if I would another appearance so… I’m going to do one during the GH Fan Club Weekend.”