Falling in love on daytime TV is all about finding the chemistry, so Tamara Braun is thrilled that GENERAL HOSPITAL tapped Julian as Kim’s fi rst Port Charles suitor. His portrayer, William deVry, is “very thoughtful, he’s very caring, and we have a great time,” she says. “We laugh together. And I think we have a real mutual respect for one another — which is really, really great to work with, you know? And we’re both open to whatever we’re willing to try.” Braun and deVry share a passion for running lines and working their scenes ahead of taping… as well as a passion for rescuing little guys who’ve been abandoned. “The doggies!” cheers the failed foster mom, who ended up adopting rescues Pearl and Little instead of giving them up. As for deVry, Braun is impressed with his ongoing animal-rights activism. “People who have big hearts for animals occupy a large space in my heart.” Well, now we know why Julian and Kim always seem to be having so much fun together!