Tamara Braun (Kim) and her rescue dog, Little, often welcome fosters into their home. But they definitely weren’t looking to adopt a puppy last year! “Puppies are really easy to get adopted, whereas older dogs are harder, so I thought if I got another dog, it would be an older one,” she admits. But something a bit surprising happened after the actress got a call from a rescue group. “They had a foster that needed help — it was a teeny little pup,” she recounts. “I said, ‘Sure thing! As long as Little gets along with her.’ Little tolerated her and it was kind of like, ‘Okay, when is she leaving?’ About two weeks later, they started playing together. And Little doesn’t play! He has street-dog issues. But they were rolling around and rubbin’ on each other, kissing each other, nibbling at each other. That was it. We had to keep her! So now it’s Little and Pearl.

That’s A Fact

As a student, Braun spent a summer at the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art in London.