Stars from each show reflect on their days in the classroom.

Tamara Braun (Kim)
Paulina Bugembe (Valerie)
and Wes Ramsey (Peter)

Favorite subject:
Braun: “Drama.”
Bugembe: “I went to an arts high school and I was a jazz musician, so I would say my jazz classes.”
Ramsey: “English and history.”

Least favorite subject:
Braun: “Biology. Why were we dissecting frogs?! #animalrights.”
Bugembe: “Biology.”
Ramsey: “Math and science. Specifically, chemistry. That was rough for me.”

Favorite extracurricular activity:
Braun: “I can’t share that.”
Bugembe: “I played every sport. I was probably best at golf, but I also played basketball, tennis, swimming and softball.”
Ramsey: “Writing, poetry and tennis.”

Favorite school supply:
Braun: “Dating myself here: Wite-Out tape.”
Bugembe: “I love cap erasers,
those slanted erasers that you put on top of a pencil when your eraser runs out.”
Ramsey: “Without a doubt, my Trapper Keeper binder.”

Class clown or teacher’s pet?
Braun: “Teacher’s clown? Nah, I was a responsible student.”
Bugembe: “Teacher’s pet. 100 percent.”
Ramsey: “Teacher’s pet. I have to go that route for sure.”

School portrait: Frame it, burn it or post it online?
Braun: “All three. Just depends on the year.”
Bugembe: “Post it online.”
Ramsey: “Probably frame it.”

Detention: Regularly, rarely or never?
Braun: “Once. I cannot for the life of me remember why, though. I think I was late for class three times.”
Bugembe: “Never. I got sent to the principal’s office once, but they couldn’t believe I was there so they sent me back to class.”
Ramsey: “Rarely.”

Study ahead or cram for a test?
Braun: “Study ahead and cram. I had terrible test anxiety.”
Bugembe: “I’m a crammer, believe it or not.”
Ramsey: “Study ahead.”

Honor roll or just scraped by?
Braun: “Sometimes honor roll. I was very proud when it would happen.”
Bugembe: “Honor roll. I graduated second in my class.”
Ramsey: “Honor roll.”

Favorite movie about school?
Braun: “The Breakfast Club.”
Bugembe: “Clueless.”
Ramsey: “The Breakfast Club.”

Prom night: A bust or a blast?
Braun: “Senior year, blast.”
Bugembe: “Junior prom was a blast. Senior prom was a bust.”
Ramsey: “It was a blast. ”

Go to reunion or skip it?
Braun: “Just skipped the most recent.”
Bugembe: “Go, for sure.”
Ramsey: “I would go. ”

Where is your diploma now?
Braun: “Shrug emoji.”
Bugembe: “I think my mom has it.”
Ramsey: “I’m looking up at it. It is on the shelf in my office.”

In high school, my dream career was:
Braun: “I think I’m doing it.”
Bugembe: “I wanted to be an architect. I still ended up doing a very math-heavy degree. I actually graduated with a degree in computer engineering.”
Ramsey: “To be a working actor.”