It’s official- General Hospital has a new Carly Roberts Corinthos. Tamara Braun begins airing May 2. Sarah Brown’s last airdate is April 24. Braun, a daytime newcomer is May 2. Braun, a daytime newcomer, knows that stepping into the multiple- Emmy winning Brown’s pumps will not be easy, “I know how much the character is loved not only the character, but Sarah.” She tells SOAP OPERA WEEKLY. “She’s a wonderful actress. I certainly have nerves about that but I’m excited, too. I will be a wonderful challenge. It’s such a great role for a woman to play, because she is so multilayered and complex.”

Braun, whose credits include “7th Heaven,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Party of Five,” tested opposite Maurice Benard (Sonny) several times. “At first, I had no idea what I was audition for,” she reveals. “Once I got the job it was GH/Carly 101.” First on Braun’s to-do list was a makeover. She went blond, and reports, “I am having more fun already! They didn’t end up cutting my hair, though.” After the makeover, it was time for a history lesson. “I spoke with Elizabeth Korte (of GH’s head-writing team) for at least an hour and half. I’ve got about 10 pages of notes. I’ve got the whole back history- where she comes from, whom she’s been married to, whom she’s betrayed for what reasons all that stuff. Elizabeth was an amazing source.”