When a friend mentioned a local bar with a mechanical bull, Tamara Braun stood up and took notice. “My head must have whipped around so quick. I said, ‘Where is there a mechanical bull?! Let’s go!” Braun exclaims, jumping at the chance to recreate some happy moments from her childhood. “When I was a kid and my parents divorced, every Tuesday my dad picked up my brother and I. Whenever I got a chance to choose where to go for dinner, it was all about Sally’s Stage Restaurant because they had a bull. You could ask me what kind of food they had, and I honestly don’t know. But they had a bull! I would get on that bull and ride it. My dad would tell the guy, ‘Make it go faster.’ And the guy would say, ‘We can’t. She’s just a kid.’” Braun was an expert rider by the age of ten, but now she’s a bit rusty. “And.” she concludes, “Do you know what’s different now? When I was little, I didn’t notice being sore the next day. It had definitely caught up with me.”