AMC Everything You Want To Know!

Will Bianca find love? When Will Adam return to the Chandler fold where he belongs? And what’ going on with Angie? ALL MY CHILDREN co-headwriter David Kreizman answes your biggest questions!

Q: Is Tamara Braun ever coming back as Reese?

Since coming back to Pine Valley last June, Christina Bennett Lind’s Bianca has dealt with a rocky marriage to an MIA Reese. But Kreizman says that’s all about to change! “It’s finally time for Bianca to give the ultimatum to Reese, and we will see kind of a final showdown about whether this marriage can survive or not,” the scribe previews.

Unfortunately, Reese’s portrayer, Tamara Braun, is not coming bvack, so the writers faced the challenge of bringing the popular pair to and end sans half of the couple! “Most of it will happen off screen,” Kreizman explains of how they’ll deal with the breakup between the estranged marrieds. “We’ll be using some other characters as proxy so it doesn’t just happen in one-way phone calls. We’ll involve Bianca’s family and friend, so we’ll still have a big payoff, even though we can’t bring Reese back.”

What’s more, the scribe says that coming out of that final showdown, Erica’s daughter will finally get some substantial story of her own; “She’s going to take a much more prominent role in the new year!”