Dear Holiday Readers,

My 2017 wrap-up holiday letters. Well, if you are like many people, you really don’t like getting these letters. If you are like the others, you love them and can’t wait to hear what’s been going on. So, being a fan and also not of these letters, here is mine.

2017: Felt love, joy, sadness and pain. Laughed a lot, cried a bit, felt disappointed and also very grateful. Missed loved ones no longer with us and welcomed new lives into this crazy world of ours. Had the pleasure of seeing some great TV, movies, plays and also the misfortune of some absolutely dreadful ones. Listened to beautiful music that made me feel deeply and some that made me feel like pulling my hair out. Watched the news. Most of it heartbreaking. Watched stories online about regular people doing really good things and it reminded me of why being a human can be a powerful and positive experience. Pet a lot of pups. Fostered two. Placed one in a great forever home. Foster failed with the other and couln’t be happier about this particular life’s failure. Worked a bit, played a bit, ate healthy food and some utter junk. Exercised and was also a couch potato. Ate some potatoes. Breathed in, breathed out.

Hey, it’s the holiday season and for many it’s a really joyful time and for others it is really difficult and heartbreaking. These holiday letters that people write can sometimes feel like just a slice of life being shared and to others feel like something the receiver compares theirs and cannot live up to. So just remember when you get that letter about how great everyone is and all their accomplishments, it’s just a slice of their life through the lens in which they choose to share it through. Your life is your own. It may feel fortunate or it may feel unfortunate. I imagine at times it has and will continue to feel both. But as I ramble and am not really sure what to write in this letter, what I want to share is, keep your heart open and please take action to help others in need. Be aware that this time of year can be really hard for some. Lend a hand, share a meal and remember that we never really know what someone else may be going through regardless of what their social media page reflects or what their holiday letter may say. Happy Holidays, everyone. May the true meaning of the season surround you, your loved ones and the ones who need a little extra love and attention this year.

Many Smiles,

P.S.: Oh yeah, I also rejoined a show I used to be on as a new character and the fans have been the absolute best ever! Thank you to the fans!!