Don’t Tell Mama

When onetime Carly Tamara Braun decided to return to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Kim, she had to keep the news hush-hush for awhile. “That’s just being on a soap — any soap,” notes the daytime vet, who has a keen respect for abiding by the genre’s rules. “You always have to be quiet. My first time around on GH, my mother didn’t even know what role I was playing until I was about to start work, and I asked if I could tell her. They were like, ‘Wait, you didn’t tell your mom?’” she recalls. “I was told not to say anything, so I didn’t!” This time, however, Braun’s mother was in the loop… sort of. “I’ve grown and I know I can tell my mother — although I didn’t tell her right away!” she admits. “The people closest to me were part of my discussion about whether I would do it or not, but I didn’t tell her until I knew I was going to come back to GH.”