Blindsided by being dumped by Julian, and under the impression that he slept with Alexis, Kim gets into a major confrontation with Alexis.

“It’s sort of a natural thing for her to assume,” begins Tamara Braun (Kim) of her character’s conclusion about Julian’s bedmate. “He tells her he slept with someone and he didn’t deny that it was Alexis. He didn’t confirm or deny. Alexis is his ex-wife, and she feels like they’ve always had something, that thing where, whether you are together or not, it’s always there.”

Alexis overhears Drew lambasting Julian for being unfaithful, and after chatting with her ex, she realizes that he allowed Kim to think they hit the sheets. Picks up Braun, “Kim is in her office and Alexis shows up — and it is not the day that she wants to see Alexis! Alexis says, basically, that she wants to make sure that Kim knows it absolutely was not her. She sent him back to be with Kim on New Year’s Eve, which, as we know, is when Julian saw the kiss between Drew and Kim and interpreted it wrong. The kiss was nothing; it was more of a friendly kind of ‘Happy New Year’ kiss. So, Kim and Alexis have it out. Alexis says, ‘You really should give Julian the benefit of the doubt and give him another chance and cut him some slack.’ ” Despite Alexis’s best efforts, “Kim doesn’t believe her, at first. She’s like, ‘There is something there [between Julian and Alexis]. There always was.’ Kim felt it whenever Alexis showed up and she tried to ignore it, but she thinks, ‘They will always have that thing.’ Kim, with everything that is going on with her son, with Julian … She cracks, and Alexis gets it! She basically says, ‘If that’s what you want, to go ahead and write the next chapter of your life with Julian, have at it!’ She really could not care less about what she calls their ‘noxious relationship’. She is angry, and she is hurting so badly because of Oscar, and now because of Julian.”

According to Braun, Alexis’s denials don’t change Kim’s wariness of Julian’s lingering ties to his former wife. “Kim says to Alexis, ‘There is something there and there may always be.’ She feels like there is something unfinished between them. And if he didn’t sleep with her, then he just slept with some random person?! It still doesn’t sit well with Kim that instead of talking to her about what he saw, he went off and slept with someone. Truly, I think she wants things to be the way they were before, but when something like this happens, you can’t ever go back. You can’t undo what has been done.”