Oscar, Kim, Drew and Josslyn struggle with a grim new reality now that the teen and his loved ones know that the experimental treatment he underwent to treat his brain tumor was not successful.

Tamara Braun (Kim) describes her character getting the bad news from Terry as “the worst thing she could ever hear. She put so much stock into the treatment working. It was the absolute last chance for him because this disease is terminal. So Kim is just absolutely, completely devastated, and she questions whether or not she should even have put him through it when he could just have been enjoying himself rather than go through treatment. She starts doing all the things that people do when they have no control over something anymore. She just has to relent — but she starts spiraling.”

Terry levels with Oscar about how long he has left to live, and he and Joss resolve to make the most of their remaining time together. “It’s a tragic situation,” Braun sighs. “Her heart is breaking for her son.”