Divided Hearts

Will Liz lose Franco to Kim?

Turns out, things can get complicated when you’re walking around with another man’s thoughts, memories and emotions in your head! This week, the fact that GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Franco believes himself to be Drew puts several relationships — including his and Elizabeth’s marriage — in jeopardy!

Can Anyone Help?

Both Elizabeth and Frew — aka the version of Franco who believes himself to be Drew — are surrounded by people offering help. As Hayden gives Elizabeth a shoulder to cry on, Kevin suggests that a few sessions on his couch might prove useful to Frew. After all, Kevin was able to help Franco deal with some pretty deep, dark stuff.

Surprisingly, Frew also fi nds an ally in Ava, who admits to being jealous of the fact that he’s basically been given a clean slate. Cameron, meanwhile, is struggling mightily with the guilt he feels. Had he not been in the wrong place at the wrong time, Franco wouldn’t have had his memories wiped, and Elizabeth wouldn’t be worried about losing the man she only just made her husband! But worried she is… and with good reason, given Frew’s feelings for Kim!

“This just rocks her world,” admits Kim’s portrayer, Tamara Braun, of “Franco” suddenly declaring his love for her! “Out of another face she doesn’t know that well — other than as her best friend’s husband! — are the memories she shared with her first true love!

“It’s a wonderful mess,” continues the actress, whose Kim now fi nds herself in an incredibly complex situation. As far as Julian knows, he and his girlfriend are about to pack everything up and move to New York City. How will having another man declare his love impact those plans?

Who’ll Wind Up With Whom?

And what of poor Elizabeth, who is now married to a man who doesn’t remember her at all! This week, the last person you might expect tries convincing Franco that his life with Elizabeth is worth fighting for.

Meanwhile, Kim will make an impulsive decision which could have unforeseen ramifications. Ultimately, it will all come down to whether Franco wants to be the man he was… or the man he now believes himself to be!