Tamara Braun’s first day back at DAYS as Ava was a whirlwind. “With the new [Covid] protocols and everything, and having to deal with wardrobe and hair and makeup, we didn’t have enough time [before being called to set] to run lines,” she recalls. “The way we run lines now at DAYS is, we use an app to do video calls — if it works! Sometimes, especially in the first month, it was sketchy with the WiFi down there, getting it connected and all that. But when we can’t do that, we just call each other on our dressing room phones and run lines. Unfortunately, Jay Johnson [Philip], who is such a sweetheart, and I didn’t get a chance, because they were calling me to set while I was still in makeup! It was like, ‘Hello, on set, go for it!’ I didn’t even have time to look at my lines before I went up to set.” Time crunch aside, Braun says that working with Johnson has been a pleasure. “I think he is so interesting,” she raves. “Such an interesting actor! I guess we never worked together before, but I find his delivery so entertaining and I said to him the other day when we were running lines, ‘Oh, my God, I’ve got to stop watching you! I’m just enjoying you and you’re making me laugh — and Ava wouldn’t be laughing!’ I really do enjoy him. He’s a great human being.”