Holy cow, soap fans! Emmy winner Natalia Livingston, who debuted as Taylor in January, has been replaced! So just who will play Nicole’s little sis now? Fellow Emmy winnder Tamara Braun! Oddly, Braun acted opposite Livingston on GH (where they played Emily and Carly, respectively) and even won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role as Patch’s crazy ex, Ava, on DAYS in 2009.

Although it’s unusual, this wouldn’t be the first time DAYS had the same performer portray two very separate characters — Judi Evans (Adrienne/ex-Bonnie), Josh Taylor (Roman/ex-Chris), Renée Jones (Lexi/ex-NIkki) and Wayne Northrup (ex-Roman/ex-Alex) all pulled double duty in Salem, so don’t expect Taylor to have some strange connection to the Mafia princess.

At press time, first and last air dates weren’t yet available, but look for the actress-switch to happen in April. In related news, Taylor and Nicole will be getting a visit from their mom, Fay, played by Valerie Wildman, on Wednesday, March 9. (Also debuting that day? Francisco San Martin as Gabi and Rafe’s brother, Dario.)